The brand policy 
 This particular website is an indian website and inspires other sellers and resellers to grow their business. The proper support of the resellers and manufacturers of this website can grow and create a  direct impact on the economy of India . The online business is the new chapter for the business and especially the different types of products are available online. The product varieties are huge on online shops and resellers. This particular website has been promoting some of the well known brands and some products are generic brands. The sellers have to advertise those brands to the potential customer.  The brands can attract potential customers on the other hand the different types of unique products are also can be an effective way to attract customers.  Midman has the policy to directly connect to the brand for the orders and other than that the generic brand’s name will be mentioned to the rellsers. The purpose of the generic products is to connect the international products and introduce the new  generation of India to those products.

 The brand based shopping on Midman
 This particular website is based on different brands and generic products. The resellers can order from a registered brand, otherwise, they can choose from the product demand list under their customers and then order through this website. The brand policies are simple and even the affiliated marketing is connected with this website. The particular brand list is upgradable as per the demand and customers need. The basic need of the general customers can be conveyed by the buying pattern of resellers.The website midman will upgrade themselves in future to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction. The brand-based shopping is more evident in the midman website accompanied with the proper support of the customer care for 24 hours and some of the sellers even need the professional plan to promote their product, in that case, the consultation and accounting, easy registrations comes beneficiary.  The effective nature of the midman website produced by SM enterprise will benefit the registered brands also. The brands could have gotten a vast amount of orders in certain sections and grow their business as this website is made for the retailers and wholesalers the order bulk will be on the higher side. Other than that, the active marketing plans and brand restriction process provides the buyers a trust factor over the brand and on the particular product. This online business process of  Midman website could have been the ultimate future of the Indian online shops and retails brands.