Seller terms and condition

Midmans  sellers condition
  The sellers are the most important element in these types of the business-to-business marketplace, especially for online markets. The number of sellers is huge and most importantly the sellers are of different kinds on the Midman website.  The level of products and differences some of the sellers sell small scale products some only sell in the bulk. the different kinds of sellers add the perfect amount of diversity to the website which leads to the management crisis. The management of these types of different sellers is hectic and most importantly the terms and conditions maintain are the most critical task in this situation.  Midman has to find out the customized way of implementing the terms and conditions for most of the sellers available on this website. The buyers are also kind of resellers here which led to a more mixed-up situation between the buyer’s and seller’s terms and conditions.  Midman has found the appropriate way to avoid this situation and has specifically implemented some of the seller's terms and conditions which will ensure that the seller’s and buyers’ sides will be eventually maintained by the proper rules and regulations. 
 The terms of sellers implemented by Midman
   SM enterprise has introduced the Midman website which promoted reselling and selling in bulk. This particular website has introduced some of the obvious seller’s terms and conditions which are indirectly connected with the buyer’s terms and conditions. 
● The sellers have to submit their own original documents. The seller’s documents will be checked by the authorities of this website and after that, the sellers will get the chances to start the business on this platform. 
● The buyers and sellers both have to use the payment gateway which has been introduced by Midman to ensure the payment process. The buyers and sellers have used this for security and other than that the Midman is not responsible for any payment which will be made unofficially between the buyers and the sellers. 
● The sellers have to connect the authorities from the Midman to ensure the packing process in order to keep the evidence of the original product. 
● The sellers may get some of the return requests and on that note, the sellers have to pay both side delivery chargers in order to process the return and the products have to be damaged or the different products in order to raise the return request. The buyer’s responsibilities also have been connected with this. 
● The sellers are based on the profile ratings and excessive returns will decrease their 
ratings, on the other hand, they can use the midman third-party logistics.
● The sellers can get expert guidance and financial help at the time of selling their products. The seller’s accounting and tax-related work will be taken care of by madman’s internal team. 24 hours of seller support and easy registration and onboarding are one of the primary reasons which should be taken care of by the madman’s team itself.